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Mechanical Engineering

About Department


The mechanical engineering department stands as a strong pillar, right from the inception of MGM College of Engineering and Technology and extends its strong support to society by creating hundreds of excellent, self-motivated and innovative mechanical engineers and continues its mighty journey into the future. Our Department with its highly qualified faculty and staff, fosters the multifaceted talents of students by conducting various programs.


1. Computer-Aided Design and Analysis Lab

This lab aims to train the students in solid modelling, surface modelling, assembly modelling, mechanism design and drafting. The latest version of the modelling software 3D experience is used in the lab. CAD Lab is also equipped with structural and CFD analysis software like ANSYS  which helps students to conduct numerical analysis on complex structures and fluid flow problems.

MEL 201-Computer aided Machine drawings (S3)

MEL 332- Computer Aided Design And Analysis (S6)

Major Equipment’s / Facilities:
  • CAD/CAM Software

  • Programming Facility

  • Analysis Software

  • Networking Facility


2. Fluid Mechanics & Machines Lab

This lab is mainly focused on developing a platform where the students can enhance their engineering knowledge in the fluid mechanics domain by applying their theoretical knowledge. Both theoretical and experimental aspects are investigated with a particular emphasis on industrial applications such as the design, installation and operation of hydraulic machines. Measurements of critical Performance parameters like efficiency, flow rate etc. of various hydraulic machines such as turbines, and pumps are also measured in this lab.

Lab in charge: Joy E K

MEL 202- FM&HM LAB (S4)


Major Equipments/Facilities:

  • Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus

  • Venturi meter

  • Orificemeter

  • Orifice and Mouth Piece Apparatus

  • Notch Apparatus(Rectangular and Triangular)

  • Minor Loss Apparatus

  • Pelton Turbine

  • Francis Turbine

  • Kaplan Turbine

  • Reciprocating Pump

  • Centrifugal Pump

  • Self-Priming Pump

  • Gear Pump

  • Hydraulic Ram

3. Thermal Engineering Lab

The lab includes the study of systems & and components of IC Engines and the study of dynamometers used in engine testing. The lab also provides experience in; testing the performance of IC engines and testing of fuels & lubricants, which includes the determination of their flash and fire points, viscosity and calorific values.

Lab in charge – K M Abubakar

MEL 333– Thermal Engineering Lab 1(S5)


Major Equipment/Facilities

  • Steam Power plant

  • Four-stroke, four-cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig with Hydraulic dynamometer apparatus

  • Four-stroke, Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig with Rope brake dynamometer apparatus

  • Four-stroke, Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig with electrical dynamometer apparatus

  • Twin-cylinder, four-stroke Diesel Engine with Hydraulic dynamometer apparatus

4. Mechanical Engineering lab/Mechanical Systems Lab

In the mechanical engineering lab, mainly experiments done based on the heat transfer and dynamics of machinery.
The lab includes the study of systems related to various modes of heat transfer, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
The lab also aims to educate students on various governors, gyroscopes, and vibration apparatus.

Lab in charge-Biju E C

MEL334 –Thermal Engineering lab 2(S6)


Major Equipment’s/Facilities

  • Motorized Gyroscope

  • Universal Governor Apparatus

  • Whirling of Shaft Apparatus

  • Universal Vibration Apparatus

  • Emissivity Measurement Apparatus

  • Thermal Conductivity of Metal Bar

  • Heat Transfer through Composite walls

  • Forced convection

  • Lagged pipe apparatus

  • Air conditioning Unit

  • Refrigeration Test Rig

  • Air Compressor

  • Air Blower Test Rig

5. Mechanical Engineering Workshop

Workshop facilities will enable the students of various streams of engineering to gain basic knowledge in fitting, smithy, foundry and carpentry, and welding.


Lab in charge / Workshop Superintendent– Mr. K G Mathai
Fitting – Krishnan P N
Welding– Biju E C
Sheet metal– K M Abubaker
Foundry– Krishnan P N
Carpentry– Ravinathan V K
Smithy– K M Abubakar

ESL 120- Civil and Mechanical workshop (S1) 

Major Equipment’s / Facilities:

  • Smithy

  • Foundry

  • Carpentry

  • Welding

  • Fitting

Major Equipment's/Facilities

  • CNC Trainer Lathe

  • Self-centring lathe with 3 jaw chuck (16 nos.)

  • Self-centring lathe with 4 jaw chuck (2 nos.)

  • Grinding Machine

  • Drilling Machine

  • Shaping Machine(9 Nos.)

  • Slotting Machine(9 Nos.)

  • Universal Milling Machine

  • Vertical Drilling Machine

  • Grinding Machine

7. Manufacturing Technology Lab 2

This lab gives basic knowledge about the usage of measuring devices, and their calibration and measurement standards are imparted to the students.

Lab in charge – Krishnan P N

Major Equipment’s / Facilities:

  • Profile Projector

  • Tool Maker’s Microscope 

  • Thermocouple Calibration Apparatus

  • Strain Gauge

  • Surface Roughness Tester 

  • Autocollimator

Department Library

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has an exclusive Department Library which consists of Reference books, E-books, Journals, Book chapters, Project thesis and access to online digital resources. The volume references were available for different specializations like Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Design Engineering, Thermal and Heat Transfer Engineering, Nano Sciences and Technology, Artificial intelligence, MEMS, Renewable Energy sources, Optimization etc. The Department library also provides information regarding the co-curricular activities and membership details about the various professional associations like ASME. The students are motivated to utilize the resources in the Department Library to the maximum extent possible to enhance their subject knowledge leading to research innovations and product development. 

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