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MGM College of Engineering and Technology

Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The Department has well equipped laboratories which meets the need of both U.G and P.G students. The laboratories are being used by the students for the practical session in their regular academic curriculum and for research work.

This lab helps the students to familiarize with different type of switches, cables, protective circuits and other accessories used electrical wiring. They also get the basics of wiring simple lighting circuits and the use of measuring devices like ammeter, voltmeter, wattmeter, energy meter etc.
Equipments : Wiring Boards, Wiring accessories, Megger, Winding machine, Wattmeter,  Energy meter, CRO etc

This lab helps the students to verify the DC network theorems, to analyze RLC circuits, to develop measurement system for various electrical circuits and to use different transducers. The students will learn to calibrate and test different types of electrical measuring instruments.
Equipments  :   Wheatstone bridge, Phase shifting transformer, Digital LCR meter, Digital  Gauss meter, Hibertz magnetic stand, Digital lux meter, Trivector meter, Flexible Thermo Anemometer, Galvanometers etc.

This lab helps the students to study and analyze the working and characteristics various DC machines and transformers. This is lab is being used by both electrical and mechanical students.
Equipments : Three phase rectifiers, DC shunt, DC series, DC compound motors, DC shunt motor-Generator set, DC series motor-Generator set, DC compound motor – generator set, 2- point, 3-point, 4-point starters, Tachometers, Tacho generators, single and three phase transformers, Auto transformers- Single phase and Three phase ,Transformer for Scott connection etc.

This lab helps the students to study about the working and characteristics of different types of Synchronous and Induction Machines. This is lab is being used by both electrical and mechanical students.
Equipments : Single phase Induction motor, Three phase induction motor-Squirrel cage and Wound rotor type, Starters-DOL, Star-Delta, Rotor resistance type, Synchronizing Panel, Alternator – Salient Pole and Cylindrical type, Pole changing Motor, VFD etc.

This lab helps the students to achieve practical knowledge about the design and setup of different power electronic converters and their application in motor control. Simulation of various power electronics converters, AC drives and DC drives are also done in this lab.
Equipments : MATLAB package, DSO, CRO, Function generators, Modules - Single phase  SCR fully controlled converter, DC Chopper Control circuit, DC shunt motor control circuit, AC phase control using SCR, DIAC, TRIAC etc.


This lab includes various kits which help the students to develop mathematical model of electrical systems, design compensator circuits and to analyze the performance of various controllers like P, PI, and PID. Software session of this lab enables the students to use MATLAB and SIMULINK to design and analyze simple systems and compensators
Equipments : MATLAB package, Synchro pair kit, Level process control using P,PI,PID controller modules, stepper motor, DC and AC servomotors etc.